Student Spotlight

Posted: November 14, 2012 by foractors in Announcements

Congratulations to F.A.B.A. students!

Norton Fritzie Leufven

Congratulations to F.A.B.A. student Norton Fritzie Leufven who recently Starred in multiple music videos for George Watsky, booked a new pilot Oh Ms. Tracy, and was featured on CBS series CSI.  

Rick Mancia

Congratulations to F.A.B.A. student Rick Mancia for booking a National Hot Wheels Commercial Campaign, a Delta Technical College Commercial Campaign, and It’s Dark Here ( a feature starring Illeana Douglas and William Mapother).

Janeiro Lattries

Congratulations to F.A.B.A. member Janeiro Lattries for signing with Acumen Talent Management!

Levi Livington

Congratulations to F.A.B.A member Levi Livington for signing with ATB Talent Agency!

Way to go, Gentlemen!!

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