Ken Rotcop

Ken Rotcop teaches writing and pitching


Ken Rotcop, the acknowledged Grand Master of Pitching, is the creator and owner of PitchMart, an internationally recognized pitch festival for writers and development executives.  As a former Creative Head of four Hollywood studios including Embassy Pictures, Cannon TV, Trans World Productions and Hanna-Barbera, Ken supervised such classics as The Lion in Winter, Carnal Knowledge, The Graduate, and Charlotte’s Web.

As a screenwriter, Rotcop’s most prestigious production (which he both wrote and produced) was For Us, the Living: The Story of Medgar Evers, which starred Laurence Fishburne.  The movie won the Writer’s Guild Award, the Image Award, and the Neil Simon Award.
Ken is also the subject of an award-winning feature-length documentary titled “Talk Fast”.
His latest book, The Perfect Pitch – 2nd Edition, recently released along with his latest DVDs, Let’s Sell Your Script! and Secrets of Animation.
Be on the lookout for Ken’s newest book, “Folks I Met Along the Way” to be released in the spring of 2015.


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